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Irish Question, No. 19.] 




You are often told that the trouble in Ireland is only a case of 
landlords against peasantry, and that under Home Eule the 
peasants will have justice and liberty. 

Look at these cases, where the victims all belong to the 
working class. 

[From Keport of Weekly Meeting of Cork Defence Union, 
appearing in Freeman s Journal of 1st February, 1886.] 

The following report was read from a member of the Union 
relative to the case mentioned in the House of Commons, in 
which a dog had been set on a boycotted woman, thereby inflicting 
serious injuries upon her : — 

" This poor woman's (Johanna Donohoe's) children went for 
water, when the defendants, Honora Sullivan and her son Denis, 
whom I may mention is 24 years of age, attacked the poor children, 
who were very young. When the poor woman came to the 
assistance of her children, she was pelted with stones, and 
actually held against a fence whilst they set their dog at her feel , 
the clothes being held up whilst the flesh was being torn by their 
dog. This occurred on the 18th September last, the charge being 
heard on the 19th October. The case would be on earlier onlj 
that Mrs. Donohoe was not able to come to court sooner. 
Captain Stokes, R.M., was one of the magistrates who heard the 
case. Denis Sullivan was sentenced to two months' hard labour, 
and the mother, Honora Sullivan, was sentenced to four months' 
hard labour. From this they appealed to the Chairman of 
Quarter Sessions, at Macroom, on the 6th January last." 


( 2 ) 

[From the Freeman's Journal.] 

Tealee, Sunday, January 31st, 1886. 

" A barbarous outrage was committed about seven o'clock last 
evening, on a process-server named Giles Eoe, who lives at a 
place called Killiney, a mile to the west of Castlegregory. A party 
of five men disguised and partially armed, visited his house at the 
above-mentioned hour, at the time himself and his wife were at 
supper. On noticing the entrance of the strangers the process- 
server cordially greeted them, and invited them to take a seat by 
the fire. Immediately one of the gang sprang to the spot where 
the wife was sitting, and clasping his hand over her mouth, 
.another coolly drew a razor from his pocket, and before the 
unfortunate process-server had time to stir from his seat, his 
right ear was lopped off. After the perpetration of the horrible 
deed the party immediately decamped, leaving their victim in an 
insensible state. As soon as he recovered consciousness, by the 
■aid of his wife, he proceeded to Castlegregory police barrack, and 
there reported the matter. Up to the present no arrests have 
been made in connection with the affair. It may be well to 
mention that this unfortunate man had but one arm. Having 
fallen out of a car one evening going home, his arm was 
dangerously broken, and had to be amputated. A raid was made 
before on his house in the year 1881, but Eoe was not inside at 
the time, being present at the Dingle Quarter Sessions. 5 ' 

The men who perpetrate these outrages act in the interest 
of the National League, which thankfully accepts the fruits of 
their labours. 


Do you wish to hand the Irish peasantry over to such a 
Government ? "Would yon like such a Government for your- 
selves ? 

If not, vote against Home Rule and do your best to 
get your neighbours to do the same. 

Published by the Liberal Committee for the Maintenance of the 

Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland, 

35, Spring Gardens, S.W.